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What is LOMS?

(Logos01 One Module Solution) is the fastest and easiest way to turn any device into an IoT solution.

LOGOS derives from the Greek  λόγος, and takes on multiples meanings throughout history: it is Heraclitus’ law governing becoming, it is John’s verb, it is Hegel’s reason. 

01 are the digits of the binary system, or bits (binary digits). 

Logos 01 therefore represents the verb “Digital”.

experience the digital revolution with us!

We provide support for our customers’ research and development by developing solutions that integrate the most advanced electronic and computer technologies.

We develop solutions for innovative companies!

We have the ability to connect Technology, People and Ideas.

Software development

We offer clients the development of web, cloud, mobile and desktop software solutions, using both native and cross-platform languages.
r&d consultancy
Every business has its own specific logic, every company exists in the market because of its specific formula for success, and every company needs to to update its proposition to maintain its competitive advantage. Our expertise, our know-how, is to identify the technologies that best suit our customers' contexts allowing them to update their winning formula without distorting it.
Hardware development
We design and manufacture electronic boards that integrate a wide variety of technologies from digital to analogue, from power electronics to signal electronics. We have specific expertise in radio frequency design and develop firmware for any type of architecture, from microcontrollers to FPGAs.

we provide winning solutions!

our expertise
In a world of super-specialists, being able to integrate different skills is the key to success!

With our 20 years of experience, we turn a customer’s idea into a concrete project, allowing them to freely devote themselves to their business.

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Unlocking the Horizon of Technology

Any product can increase the added value it brings to the market by implementing IoT logic.
That is, any device can send the data it processes to software via the Internet and help improve the efficiency of the processes in which it is involved.
Thanks to our partnership with Ambiq Micro and our in-depth knowledge of all the technologies involved in the creation of a connected product, we are able to
transform any product into an IoT product with high added value.

We provide the design of technological solutions, starting from the analysis of the customer's application context, choosing the most appropriate electronic and information technologies
to its context and developing customised hardware and software to best meet its innovation and business development needs.

We do not have a specific application area of reference, we have experience in industrial, logistics, biomedical, consumer, audio, home automation, there is virtually no sector in which we have not worked. We love challenges!

Email us at first-contact@logos01.it or call us at +3903761586003 with your contact details and a brief description of your project.

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